Pati is the Tamil word for grandmother. Although this is a portrait of my great-aunt, I have called her pati ever since I can remember. Completely uprooting herself, she moved to Andover, Massachusetts from India in her late 60s. In this 7 minute video, she talks about her experience of adjusting not only to the changing times, but also to a completely new culture. 

Move With Us video premier videography for artists Roshani Thakore & Fumi Nakamura

"Move With Us is a public art project highlighting the collective cultural movements in Queens by current immigrant residents. Artists Roshani Thakore and Fumi Nakamura visited public spaces throughout Queens and met and photographed 167 immigrants to capture the most diverse borough in the nation through the cultural poses of it's residents."  

Read more about this amazing project here.

You need some serious dance moves to 'walk' in Malleswaram. Here's a video I had a blast shooting for Malleshwaram Social's #FootpathBeku initiative with the awesome Sriram AravamudanPreeti SunderajanSowmya Thanthri, Raghavendra Pai and Sudarshan Gopalan.

Follow the #MalleshwaramSocial page to check out the work they are doing!